Gulfport celebrates Global Day of Prayer and National Nursing Home Week

We had a small group this year for Global Day of Prayer, but these are my faithful girls who love to pray with me.

After our global companywide prayer ceremony, we took our bubble wands to pray. Rather than release balloons, we found another option as a practical expression of prayer. I let the girls know that our breath is important because God breathed it into us.

So, because we have personal prayer requests deep in our own hearts, each time we exhaled into the bubble wand, we release that silent prayer through our breath. We incorporated the ‘power of the ask’ and to see what God will do if we just simply continue to submit our needs, however great or small.

Also, in recognition of National Nursing Home Week, we had a different theme each day this week. Today happens to be Nerd Day.

Our Global Day of Prayer celebration was very well received, and what an incredible blessing to be able to gather at work to pray together. I am so thankful for that privilege!

– Kristine Shuck, Chaplain